Land Rover Restoration: Complete!

land rover truck restoration
The Land Rover restoration has been successfully completed and the customer was very happy! This is a ’95 Land Rover Defender that has been stripped completely down, repainted a clean white color, and has gotten lots of new parts.

land rover restoration truck modificationThis Land Rover restoration has been a complete, ground-up restoration. Since there was extensive work done on this this Land Rover restoration project, we’ve posted a few updates to cover all the different phases. There was a lot of parts to disassemble on this one, and body work to be done on some rust and dents and dings, which we wrote about here. From there it was primed and wet sanded, which we discussed in this update. The body was painted white while the roll cage and accent pieces where painted black. The fender flares that were once black were also painted white to match the body for a smooth streamlined look.

As you can see from the pictures, there is a soft top covering the roll cage that we put on. The windows unzip and roll up. The floor got covered in Dynamat; a specialty mat that drastically reduces the noise you would normally hear on the road with out it.

land rover restoration modifications

Special modifications made to the tire carrier

There were also some special modifications involved during the assembly. For one, the new back seats didn’t fit with the roll cage, so the seat frames were modified to make them fit perfectly. The owner had also gotten all new wheels and tires, but they ended up not fitting the rear tire carrier on the back door. Tim does great welding and custom fabrication work. He was able to remove the three steel rods and weld new ones where they needed to be.

The Land Rover restoration has been a fun one to do because we stripped it down so completely and had a lot of new parts to work with. It’s also nice to be able to fabricate the parts that need to fit differently. Tim is a perfectionist, and as with every job, made 100% sure that this restoration was perfect. The owner was super happy with the result and left the shop in Defender ready to drive it back to Key West. Can’t wait to see pictures of it down by the water!

land rover restoration truck modiifcations

TD Customs offers all kinds of auto body repair services like the work we’ve done on the Land Rover restoration. If you’ve got a restoration project, don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss!

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