Lexus uses Lumilor to build car with human heartbeat

Lexus Australia uses Lumilor to show how thrilling it is to drive their new RC-F, also known as “the Lexus Heartbeat car”. In the new Lexus ad campaign, they have professional drivers race the car at night while wearing a heart rate monitor. The heart rate monitors are connected to the wiring in the car’s exterior paint job.

And thus, makes the car seem like it’s come alive.

lumilor lexus

Lexus RC-F. Lumilor: Off

This electroluminescent paint is called Lumilor. It is a special coating system that allows a paint job to illuminate when connected to an electrical charge. It can also be wired to sync with music or in this case, a heart rate monitor. It can also be used as a lighted design that is controlled by a simple button.

The creative agency responsible for the ad was M&C Saatchi in Australia. They worked with Lumilor Labs™ to build the car that could relay a human heartbeat on the side of the car. This is done through an electroluminescent paint job.

Lumilor Lexus electroluminescent paint on

Lexus RC-F. Lumilor: On

Electroluminescence is where phosphorescent substances emit photons in response to electrical current. The Lumilor Electroluminescent Coating System is new technology that contains the phosphorescent elements within the paint itself. When it is connected to a charge, it will light up.

The Lumilor Lexus is a one-off performance car made to illustrate how driving the RC F is so exciting that it’ll increase your heart rate. The electroluminescent paint pulsates in rhythm to the driver’s heart beat, showing us how the driver feels when rounding a quick corner or speeding up really fast. They won’t be mass producing these cars with heart rate illuminating features. However, it is a great show piece for what the Lumilor product is capable of.

The possibilities for Lumilor are endless. It can be used for safety purposes on a helmet, bicycle, or emergency vehicle. Or it may be used to light up as a cool paint job on a car or motorcycle.

The video ad for the new RC F Lexus with Lumilor is great. It actually does get your heart racing. It’s amazing how the electroluminescent paint makes the whole car come to life and shows how thrilling it is to drive just by the light pattern. To see a simple paint job light up by pressing a button is thrilling on its own!

Lumilor Labs began training other shops to become Certified Lumilor Labs in 2015, and TD Customs is among the first auto body shops to be certified to apply the electroluminescent paint.

If you are interested in being one of the first to get an electroluminescent paint job, contact us to discuss your project today.

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