What makes us such an affordable auto body shop?

Customer Satisfaction Series: What makes us such an affordable auto body shop? 

affordable auto body shopTD Customs is an affordable auto body shop and has heard plenty of times that we are the least expensive estimate a customer has gotten out of several body shops in the area. The truth is that our prices generally do come in at a lower cost than others.

Sometimes customers will let us in on other auto body shop’s prices, and we are usually surprised, asking ourselves what they were factoring into that cost. This is why we are always confident in telling people to shop around for estimates because we stand by our fair pricing and know we’ll typically come in lower. 

Personally, after awhile, I started to wonder why we were so cheap (and I hate using the word cheap because nothing about this place is cheap, especially not the service… and I just said it 3x 🙂 ). Tim and I discussed if we were charging fair enough prices for ourselves. Sure, we want to be competitive, but we don’t want to give it away either. Plus, I see the hard work he puts in every day and how happy our customers are.

What we determined is that we are, indeed, charging an honest, fair price. Tim charges a fair price for both the shop and the customer, and the math is pretty simple. Expenses such as paint, materials, parts, supplies, etc, are all included in the price, and then Tim estimates the hours he thinks he’ll have in a job (he’s actually very spot on with his hourly estimate), charging the same hourly rate for every job. Simple.

Most jobs, such as collision repair, paint jobs and motorcycles, will be charged at a flat rate with all this factored in from the beginning. Some jobs, like full restorations, will be given an estimate, but are charged at an hourly rate for all that goes into these jobs. 

So, what makes us such an affordable auto body shop? 

The answer is, TD Customs is so affordable because we are honest, hard-working and fair.

  • We are honest in estimating how much will need to go into the job.
  • We’re hard-working, meaning an hour of work actually equals one hour of real work.
  • And we are fair, to ourselves and to you.

We know these things are what will ultimately bring you back again one day. Or make you tell your friends what a great experience you had with us. That’s the motivation behind it; building an affordable auto body shop with values and taking care of our customers. 

See our Auto Repair Services page for more information on how we can help you. If you ‘d like to receive an estimate, contact us to discuss. And of course, follow us on Facebook or other social media to keep up with all things TD Customs.

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