Electroluminescent Paint Lights Up the Dragon Bike

electroluminescent dragon bike

The Dragon bike showcased at Lumilor Labs

The electroluminescent Dragon Bike is one of the most well known electroluminescent paint jobs out there. Darkside Scientific debuted their dragon bike at Daytona Bike Week 2013 to a crowd that was blown away at seeing this new technology. A glowing paint job that is electrically charged has been unheard of until now. Darkside Scientific has invented the Lumilor™ Electroluminescent Coating System that can make anything into a light.

This video is great. The interview with Shawn Mastrian, CEO of Darkside Scientific, really explains a lot about the product itself and how the coating system works to create the electric charge.

“It’s the world’s first electroluminescent coating system, and we’re getting some phenomenal response here,” said Mastrian. “People have never seen something like this before because something like this has never existed before.”

As the video explains, the Lumilor product is a spray-on system that allows it to be applied like normal paint, so it will conform to a number of different surfaces. There is an electric current that is wired directly into the paint, with the wires hidden so all you see is the paint. The most impressive thing about the electroluminescent Dragon bike is not just how it lights up, but how all you see is the paint job itself, no wires or bulbs, and the amazing airbrushing on it.

Darkside Scientific is currently training shops like TD Customs, and others from all over the world, to learn the Lumilor application process. In just two weeks, TD Customs will be going to Las Vegas for a two-week training course on the product. We will then be a Certified Lumilor™ Lab, which means we can make any electroluminescent paint job happen!

Below is a video of the electroluminescent Dragon bike in action. It shows the inventor of Lumilor, Andy Zsinko, riding it down the street, and the crowd’s reaction to seeing it up close. They didn’t even have an official display tent like other vendors, and still they attracted a crowd and were the biggest talk of the town! We can’t wait to get this product and be able to create some killer electroluminescent paint jobs!

If you’d like to be one of the first to get an electroluminescent paint job, contact TD Customs. We’ll be ready to go very soon!

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