Excited for SEMA Show 2015!

td customs ready for sema

sema show td customs

TD Customs is ready for SEMA!

We got our SEMA Show passes in the mail! In less than a month, TD Customs will be in Las Vegas for Lumilor™ training and the 2015 SEMA Show! We’re so excited we get to be there for both.

The SEMA Show is an annual automotive trade show that attracts industry leaders from all over the world. It is open only to industry professionals, and is a great place for businesses to showcase their new products and services to other businesses, as well as unveil them to the public.

And there are LOTS of insanely cool custom cars. Basically this is the place to show off the best of what you’ve got. For a look at some of last year’s cars, check out Car & Driver’s list of the Top 45 Must See Cars from SEMA 2014. They’re pretty impressive. Here’s one of our faves…

sema custom ram

Totally customized Dodge Ram 1500… What?! So cool.

We are excited to attend the show and be able to check out the latest and greatest in the auto industry. Specifically, we are looking forward to seeing new paint products, new tools and technology, and all the custom cars.

overhaulin at sema

Overhaulin’ film crew at SEMA

There will also be celebrities attending, so hopefully we get a chance to see some of the guys from our favorite shows. Richard Rawlings from Fast ‘N Loud will be there, as will Chip Foose from Overhauliin’, and the cast of Street Outlaws and Top Gear. Also present will be a few Nascar drivers, like Danica Patrick, Jeff Gordon, Mario Andretti, and Tony Kanaan. Think we’ll be able to get some good selfies?

Obviously, we are MOST excited to see what Lumilor has in store for this year’s show. We know there is something special in the works! At last year’s SEMA Show, they officially unveiled and demonstrated the Lumilor™ Electroluminescent Coating System. The video below shows the awesome electroluminescent Harley motorcycle they did.

During the days, Tim will be in training to learn all about Lumilor, so I will be attending as many of their educational seminars as I can. I’m looking forward to the seminars on marketing, SEO, social media, and other business management/ entrepreneurial practices. The best part is that they are all targeted specifically to the automotive industry. We are staying an extra day so Tim can take his time and have a whole day to walk through the show and see all the vendors. We can’t wait!

Be sure to follow this blog and our social media to stay up to date on all kinds of TD Customs/ SEMA Show happenings. We are going to post lots of pictures and show you all the coolest stuff!

We’ll leave you with a short video displaying the bike that Darkside Scientific used to showcase Lumilor at last year’s SEMA Show. Love it!

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