Custom painted wheels: A subtle, yet significant upgrade

custom painted wheels

Custom painted rims: silver with touches of black

Custom painted wheels can really add a unique, yet simple look to your car. These wheels were painted silver, with small touches of black on the inside edges and a thin black line around the side.

These wheels look classy with the silver base and small touches of black, and there are tons of possibilities for other color schemes. They can be painted to match the car, to contrast the majority color, or as a compliment to a two-toned car. Custom painted wheels are a subtle upgrade to the look of the car that make it stand out from all the other wheels and rims out there.

custom painted wheels arden nc

Red pinstripe on Tim’s El Camino wheels

Tim recently added a red pinstripe to his black El Camino wheels. It matches the red in the ghost flames (which you can just barely see in pictures) and breaks up all the black that is on the car. It is a small detail, but gets your attention. Something as simple as custom painted rims can really give the car a more defined, custom look.

custom painted brake calibers

Red brake calibers on a blue car

Small touches of color give the car a little something extra without going overboard with it. We’ve painted a lot of small random pieces that may seem small, but when put on the car, make it really pop. Brake calipers, for example, look really good when painted a different color because they are only seen inside the wheels, but catch your eye. Custom painted rims give people a reason to look twice and notice something special about the wheels.

lumilor rims

Lumilor electroluminescent painted wheels

And of course in about a month, we will have the option of painting Lumilor on wheels as well! It can be a classic white Lumilor, or different lighted colors. Lumilor painted wheels would definitely be eye-catching as you drive down the street at night. And during the day, you wouldn’t notice a thing!

Upgrading to custom wheels has been a growing trend over the years, as many people are choosing to replace basic steel wheels or hubcaps. When you’re looking to add a little something to your car without completely changing the look, custom painted wheels can make a huge difference.

Contact us to get your wheels painted or to add other simple touches to your car! Got any other ideas for small touches of color on a car? Leave us a comment below!

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  • Gail
    October 8, 2015 (1:25 am)

    WOW! Tim! You are really getting some stunning results these days.
    Your El Camino will look great with some Luminor paint!

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