Motorcycle Dent Repair & Custom Paint

Motorcycle accidents happen. Maybe you were involved in an accident on the road, or maybe the bike just accidentally got laid down in the garage. Whether you need minor or major motorcycle dent repair, we’re here to help.

About a year ago, we painted a batch of red marble motorcycle parts. The very base color was silver. We then painted the vivid red color on top, and did the marble effect to it. This involves using plastic wrap to lift some of the second coat off, revealing some of the silver.

Read more about Marble Effect Painting.

marble paint job Asheville bike shop

The customer was really happy, but has since damaged a couple pieces and brought them back for repair. There were a couple pretty good scuffs on the fairing and top cover of one of the hardbags. Motorcycles are heavy, and even if they fall over in your garage, there is going to be body damage. Fortunately, we can do the repairs and repaint them so you’d never know the difference.

motorcycle repair body shop

Motorcycle parts to be repaired

Motorcycle Dent Repair

Even if it’s just a scuff, we can repair them back to their brand new or just painted condition again. We sand down the damaged areas and do the necessary body work to get them straight again. Here Lshon is sanding out some of the scuffs and getting the parts prepped for paint…

motorcycle repair paint shop

Lshon sanding out scuffs

When the damage is all sanded down, you can see the coat of silver underneath from the marble paint job, some primer, etc. To the touch, it is perfectly smooth again. The goal is to run your hand across the parts and feel no waves or imperfections.

motorcycle dent repair Asheville

Motorcycle parts in the booth, ready for paint

Tim matched the parts to the previous paint job. This involved respraying a coat of silver, then the bright red, and then doing the marble effect. We do a custom paint technique using plastic wrap to lift up some of the red color and create the marble effect.

motorcycle paint shop - custom paint Hendersonville

Completed motorcycle repair with fresh marble paint job

Sometimes accidents are a good opportunity to change up your paint job. This owner wanted to keep the same red marble look. Therefore, our job was to match the red color and the same marble effect paint job we did before. If you are looking to change the look, the possibilities are endless. Check out our Motorcycle Photo Gallery to see some other paint jobs we’ve done.

See our Motorcycle Repair page for more information on our motorcycle dent repair and how we can refinish your bike parts to new. Contact us if you’d like to discuss how we can help bring new life to your bike.

Also keep us in mind if you’re ever in an accident, either on your bike or in your vehicle!


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