Personalized, Custom Painted Tribute Helmet

personalized motorcycle helmet - custom paint bike shop

This personalized, custom painted helmet is a gift for an employee retiring from a local law firm. His coworkers wanted to give him something special to remember them and the company by. Since he is a big motorcycle rider, they decided on a personalized motorcycle helmet.

A helmet to remember

personalized helmet - custom painted helmet

We printed vinyl decals of the company’s logo to put on the sides of the custom painted helmet. For the back, we made one that read, “In Recognition of Service to…” These two elements alone make the helmet personalized and one-of-a-kind.

personalized custom painted helmet

We love it when customers bring us their ideas for cool paint jobs on their motorcycles.¬†Sometimes we’ll even suggest new things that could be options. In this case, knowing it was a retirement gift, Tim suggested adding coworker signatures to the helmet, like a type of yearbook. He applied the base coat and painted in the decals. Then the customer took the helmet to get everyone’s signatures and brought it back to us to clear coat over. The clear coat seals the helmet and paint job. (The images you see here are before clear coat, and before we peeled off our tape.)

What ideas do you have for a unique, personalized paint job?

Anything can become a work of art with the right paint job. We love doing these kinds of custom paint jobs and bringing your ideas to life. This helmet will be something its owner keeps for a very long time. It’s not just your avergae helmet, it’s a personalized peice of memoribilia of his career.

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