Mountaineer Antique Car Show

The Mountaineer Antique Auto Club Car Show was this past Friday and Saturday at the WNC Ag Center. They had lots of classics and modified cars out in the front grass area, a swap meet of different car parts, and the car corral in the back building, which is where we were. The car corral included some of the most impressive cars; some of which were for sale, others just on display. I must say, it was the best spot to be since it was so hot out this weekend and the building had A/C!

TD Customs was set up in the car corral area, displaying the TD Customs El Camino and the Lumilor lit motorcycle. We asked for a back corner of the indoor area so we could have the bike’s light up paint job easily visible. We had a table set up with some brochures, business cards, photo books of our work, and video playing that explained a little about Lumilor.

TD Customs Mountaineer Antique Auto Car Show Ag Center

Tim & Tara, TD Customs

It was a great opportunity to show off the awesome paint jobs on the motorcycle and the El Camino, as well as discuss our other restoration and paint services. And do you guys remember our little welded shop buddy, Rod Knock? He helped us promote our Facebook! People loved him.

TD Customs - Mr. Rod Knock

There was a ton of interest in the motorcycle. Many people made a beeline right over to us. It lit up really bright and stood out in the crowd for sure. Electroluminescent paint is still a very new product, which many people haven’t yet heard of. Some people expected it to just be back lit with bulbs. Others looked up at the ceiling to see if we had something projecting on it.

The question of the weekend was, “What makes it light up like that??”

“It’s actually the paint itself,” we’d say. And then we’d explain how the electroluminescent coating system works to produce light, and show them the wires we have hidden in the saddlebags. Being able to turn the light on and off with a switch that is so easy to flip was pretty impressive to a lot of folks. Some people who were about to walk by us would see us flip the light on and off, and then immediately stop and come over.

There were also a lot of people who said they saw us on the news, which was cool. (In case you missed it, TD Customs was featured on WLOS News 13 this past week.) A couple people even said they came specifically to see us!

Light up paint sure draws a crowd!

Light up paint sure draws a crowd!

As always, the show brought in a lot of beautiful classic cars. The 1965 Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 was there – a full classic restoration done by TD Customs almost 4 years ago. We love seeing the cars we restored out at these shows!

Ag Center Classic Car Show

Olds 442. Paint & Body: TD Customs

The light turquoise/ aqua/ seafoam color seems to be everywhere now, even the car shows! So because I like the color and why not, I did a little mashup of a few of them. I’ll take the one in the grass there, thank you.

Ag Center Car Show

We had a great time at the car show. Thanks to the WNC Ag Center for putting it on, and the Mountaineer Antique Auto Club for sponsoring it. It was a good opportunity for us at TD Customs to show off the ELCO and the motorcycle that everyone’s talking about, as well as just getting our name out there in the community a little more.

We always love a good car show. There were definitely a lot of beautiful cars to see. Scroll down to see a photo gallery below of the hottest cars that caught our eye!

TD Customs is a specialized custom paint and restoration shop. We’re conveniently located in Mills River, between Asheville and Hendersonville, right down the road from the Asheville Airport. Be sure to Like us on Facebook to keep up with all our latest news, and contact us if you’re ready to discuss your next paint job.

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