Next Restoration: 1970 Trans Am

We are definitely keeping very busy with restoration work lately. After finishing up the F100 restoration, we are diving right into this 1970 Trans Am. It will be getting the full restoration treatment and a beautiful (blue!) paint job.

Here is the Before…

trans am restoration

Before Pic

This car is going from the maroon/ burgundy color you see here to the factory original blue it used to come in back in 1970. Here is a picture of what the Trans Am is going to look like when we are done. It’s great when customers can bring in pictures and specific colors to show us exactly how they want their car to look. This car is going to look great in blue, especially with the white accents.

trans am auto restoration

Poster image of what the car will look like when it’s done

Our first order of business was to have the paint stripped off the entire car. We were happily surprised to find minimal body repairs needed. There weren’t many waves or dings in the body, so we anticipate the body work on this restoration to move right along.

auto restoration process

Paint stripped off

We’ve also started some rust repairs and metal fabrication on the rear quarter panels. We cut back the rusted steel and custom fit steel patches in.

metal fabrication auto body

Tim welding in steel patches

We’ve gotten the front end, including fenders, nose and all trim work, removed off of the car.

engine bay of auto restoration

Engine bay

There’s a little purple hiding in there!

paint stripped off trans am restoration

Drivers side stripped down

Restoring these cars and hearing the stories that come with them is part of the reason we are in this business. The owner of this car inherited it from his brother who has passed away. His brother had worked on the car before, and fortunately for us, he did great work with what he’d gotten started. We are basically picking up where he left off in getting the restoration completed and the car painted blue.

It’s nice to know we are restoring the memory of a lost family member, as well as the life of this car.

Not only did this customer bring a great story with the car, but he also has every piece of factory and dealer paperwork on this car, which is very impressive and will come in handy.

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Check out some more information on our Auto Restorations and see our Photo Gallery for lots of pictures of our work.


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