Yellow MGB Roadster Going Green

classic restoration 73 mgb

Next classic restoration: ’73 MGB Roadster

Good things come in small packages, especially when we’re talking about the classic MGB. This 1973 MGB Roadster is one of the next restorations we are working on. The MGB is starting out yellow and going to be painted a dark teal/ green color. It’s always a little more fun to see a car go from one color to something completely different.

mgb roadster asheville auto restoration

Tim is 6’1″ so this car is extra tiny for him!

This car is so little that it probably won’t take long to complete. We’ve started sanding it down and getting it ready for body work. We will be manually block sanding the entire car, making sure to hit every inch so that the paint will go on nice and smooth so that no speck of yellow will be left on the car. We don’t want the car to be a beautiful green color with tiny traces of the old paint! It’s all gotta go. Even though the car is small, there is a lot of surface area to be worked on. The trunk, engine bay, and door jams are all getting painted, as well as the entire body of the car.

Once we have it all sanded down, we can start on making sure the body lines are smooth. We were very surprised by how much bondo we found on this car. Bondo is the filler used to patch small holes or dings in the body. Nearly every inch of the car seemed to have some, which made for lots more sanding work.

Every auto restoration is different, based on the needs of each car itself. This car is a full restoration, but won’t take as long because it’s smaller, we aren’t replacing too many parts, and the repairs are minimal. This paint job is going to make a huge difference!

auto restoration classic 73 mgb

Needs some more body work, then primer

This classic car is going to look drastically different when we are all done with it. It’s going to look great. I can’t wait to see it the completely different teal color. Be sure to follow us on Facebook or stop by again to see the finished look!

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