Motorcycle paint touch ups

Sometimes the motorcycle paint jobs we get aren’t for full custom designs, but for small motorcycle paint touch ups, such as the little dents or dings that happen along the way. We can touch up existing paint jobs by taping off certain areas or possibly blending in the new paint with the old. This will depend on what the motorcycle parts are like and what the design is. If we can work with it, we will, like in this case.

These bike parts were white with a custom grey water mark design with black accents on them, which the owner wanted to save. We didn’t do the custom paint design. We just painted the white on all the parts so they were rid of all the blemishes and got a new, fresh coat of sparkling white paint. (Just in time for this gorgeous weather!)

motorcycle paint touch ups asheville nc

Doing some touch ups to the white, leaving its existing paint design

Motorcycle Paint Touch Ups

If you don’t want to repaint your entire motorcycle, we can work with the design to change just a few areas. It is so frustrating when you get a tiny chip or blemish on one of your motorcycle parts, especially if you love the paint job you have. If you had already been considering a new paint job, it’d be no big deal because you could repair and paint the entire thing the way you wanted. But if you want to touch up the small spots that need attention, we can typically save the current design and paint around it.

We’ve also done partial motorcycle paint jobs, where we don’t paint the entire parts, but just certain areas or specific colors. In the following case, we simply changed all the white parts to black. It allowed us to keep the overall look of the paint job, but change up the personality a bit.

motorcycle paint touch ups asheville td customs

Just changing one color and keeping the overall design can make a world of difference!

TD Customs is a custom motorcycle paint shop in Asheville. We offer paint jobs of all kinds. Whether you want your motorcycle parts painted back to factory original colors or a whole new wild design, we can get your bike looking just how you want it. Contact us to discuss your new paint job or the little motorcycle paint touch ups you want taken care of.

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