Now’s the time to get that motorcycle painted!

arden nc motorcycle painted

Now is the perfect time to get your motorcycle painted. Riding season has just about ended here in Western North Carolina, and although I still see some brave souls out there, it’s basically too cold to go out riding. It seems like fall was over so quick! With highs in the 50’s these days, I can’t think of a better time to get your motorcycle painted.

We always see a huge influx of motorcycle paint jobs in the spring – just when riding season is starting, but let us know if you’d like to get that paint job done during these cold winter months!

What kinds of motorcycle paint jobs do we offer?

We have done many kinds of custom motorcycle paint jobs. Often, our creativity is limited only to what you want on your bike. We’re able to do all kinds of designs, like painting flames, ghost flames, stripes, marble effect, lace effect, paint matching, etc. We do not do in-house airbrushing or fine pinstriping, but if you are interested in a paint job that incorporates one of these, we can hook you up with someone who can!

motorcycle paint job arden nc

Don’t know how you want your motorcycle painted?

If you want your motorcycle to have a cool, custom design, but at a loss for what to do, we can help. Tim loves getting artistic freedom or working with customers to come up with a design that fits you and will look cool! He’s always happy to give his opinion and discuss what kinds of options there are.

hendersonville nc motorcycle painted

Artistic freedom!

The picture above was one that we were given artistic freedom on. The customer knew he wanted bright orange and blue, but didn’t know about the design. Tim painted the middle a candy orange, with blue and white marble effect on the sides and a couple pinstripes dividing the two sections. The owner loved it, and it’s still one of our favorite flashy paint jobs.

Want your motorcycle painted back to factory-original?

Maybe you love the colors and design on your bike, and just need to bring it back to life. Or it got damaged and you need it to be repaired to look just like it did before. No problem! We’ll get a perfect color match for the paint, order any special emblems you need and get it back to looking brand new again.

before and after custom motorcycle paint job fletcher nc

Before and After

What is electroluminescent paint?

We are also very excited to offer Lumilor paint jobs! Lumilor is an electroluminescent coating system that allows us to paint anything into a real light that can be turned on and off with a simple switch. Lumilor motorcycle paint jobs are just another option for customizing your bike. We can design the bike to look one way when the lights are off, and then when riding at night, you flip a switch and the bike lights up. Since the product is so new, our customers will be among the very first people ever to get an electroluminescent paint job! Read over our Electroluminescent Paint Questions page for more information.

electroluminescent paint lumilor training

Lumilor off and on

I’m in. When can I get my motorcycle painted?

Bike parts don’t take much time to get painted. Our turnaround time for motorcycle paint jobs is generally less than a week. Since we can work on bike parts while having other jobs in the shop, we can usually take them right in whenever you’re ready. We’ll discuss our schedule with you to give you an accurate completion time. When you’re ready, give Tim a call or fill out a quick Quote Request form at the bottom of the page.

TD Customs is a full service auto body shop, so we are happy to fix any dents, dings, or other body damage on the bike.

See our Motorcycle Paint Job Gallery for LOTS of pictures of our work!

We are located in Mills River, right down the street from the Asheville Airport. Of course, we proudly serve all surrounding areas, including Hendersonville, Arden, Fletcher and Asheville. We’ve even had people ship us their bike parts, we get the motorcycle painted and just ship it back – easy! We’re always happy to work with you when we can. Contact us to schedule getting your motorcycle painted or to discuss your project with us further.

Give us a call! What better time to get that motorcycle painted than while you’re not out riding it?

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  • Tonya letterlough
    September 25, 2023 (2:41 pm)

    Looking for someone who paints motorcycles and do designs on shields

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