Yes, it’s the PAINT that lights up!

Paint that lights up with an electric charge is a completely new technology that most people are still seeing for the first time. Many people are initially in disbelief that such a product even exists.

We find ourselves answering people’s questions with, “Yes, it’s the paint that lights up!”

TD Customs spraying paint that lights up

Tim spraying Lumilor

It’s ok; when we first heard about Lumilor, we couldn’t believe that there was an actual paint that lights up either, and we wanted to hear more too!

So yes, it is the actual paint that lights up. Not LEDS behind it, not some computerized screen. It is the paint itself that lights up with a real electric charge running through it.

Lumilor is a patented Electroluminescent Coating System that sprays like regular paint, but contains phosphorescent substances within the paint that allow light particles, or photons, to be charged when connected to electrical power. And Voila, we’ve painted an object into a light!

A Lumilor paint job will have wires that are connected to the paint, but they will be hidden, generally within the car or tucked behind the object being painted. It doesn’t take much electric power for the paint to light up. Lumilor can even be hooked up to a small 18-volt battery.

There are so many questions regarding Lumilor that we created an Electroluminescent Paint Questions page.

So why haven’t you heard about this paint that lights up before? Because Lumilor was only invented a few years ago in 2010. And it was only patented in 2013. It is a very new product. This year, in 2015, Lumilor Labs began certifying other shops, like TD Customs, to become Certified Lumilor Labs.

And now TD Customs is one of the very first shops in the US to be certified in the application of Lumilor!

What you need to know about electroluminescent paint:

  • It can be applied to any surface that regular paint can be applied to (no fabric, nothing porous)
  • It will be wired through your vehicle/bike’s electronics or to a small battery if there are no electronics present
  • The Lumilor colors available are white, blue, aqua, green and orange
  • It’s costly, and priced by the square inch
  • Due to the complex nature of the coating system, there are limitations to what it can be applied to. Careful planning is often needed, so we’ll discuss your ideas with you to see what’s possible. If you fill out a Get Lit Request, please be as specific as possible.
  • It’s such a new product that our customers will be among the first ever to get paint that lights up!

Yes, it’s the paint that lights up : SEMA Edition

When we were at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, we dropped in on the 2016 Camaro Krypton a few times throughout the day just to see what kind of attention it was getting. MANY times, we overheard people wondering out loud how they got the Chevy bowties to flash on and off. We, of course, helped them out and explained that it was actually the paint that was lighting up. Everyone was blown away. Most simply responded, “Wow, really?” Everyone asked questions.

Some people argued with us, saying there was no way it could be the paint. We even saw people looking up into the very tall ceiling of the convention center, looking for projector lights. They thought the only way to illuminate a graphic like the Chevy bowties pattern on the Camaro, was to have it projecting down onto the car.

People are still seeing this for the very first time, so we understand that it really does take a minute to wrap your mind around it.

Especially in this case, Chevrolet didn’t specifically promote Lumilor, so it wasn’t completely obvious to people that the flashing lighted bowties were actually coming from electroluminescent paint. When they did realize it was the paint that lights up the bowties, everyone was just really amazed. We showed a few people some other Lumilor projects that have been done, like the Lexus Heartbeat car and the Dragon bike, and those got a lot of attention too.

One thing we definitely noticed was that every time we came back to the Camaro Krypton booth, there was always a crowd of people around it, taking pictures and actively talking about it.

TD Customs at the Camaro Krypton with Lumilor at SEMA

Tim answering the crowd’s questions about the Lumilor illuminated bowties

Like I mentioned, Tim and I both were pretty amazed when we first found out that there’s an actual paint that lights up. Tim found out about Lumilor from a randomly suggested video on YouTube (he watches a lot of custom paint videos) and was blown away. He shared it on Facebook, pulled it up on his phone when we were with friends and family, sent messages, and about a year later, got accepted to become trained in the product. We’re so impressed and love the possibilities with this product so much that we couldn’t wait to became a Certified Lumilor Lab ourselves. TD Customs can now paint with light and we’re one of the very first in the country to be able to do so!

It’s fun being a part of something so new and groundbreaking. See our Lumilor page for more info, and don’t forget to check out our Electroluminescent Paint FAQ page for more in-depth answers to your questions. If you have any other questions or would just like to chat, feel free to contact us!

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