Ruthy Restoration: Full Clean

Ruthy looks like a fresh, clean slate now that we have cleaned out the entire car from top to bottom, as well as disassembled most of the parts. She’s down to bare bones, and we can now start on the body work bit by bit.

Completely cleaned out floor!

Completely cleaned out floor!

Cleaned out trunk

Cleaned out trunk

We had several messy days of working on disassembly, so we needed to clean up that entire corner of the shop and every bit of dirt and debris within the car and engine bay. This entailed scrapping dried on debris and rust, and vacuuming it all out.


It’s amazing the difference it makes just cleaning off the motor and engine bay. I’d say we took a good few layers of random dirt and grim off of the engine.


The roof of the car had some remnants of a torn out headliner, so we also got that all scrapped out. It’ll be getting a new headliner later, of course.

Before/ After roof cleanup

Before/ After roof cleanup – Headliner to come

We’ve already done quite a bit of work on the car, but now the fun part starts. We are at a good starting point for Tim to begin doing body work. That’s when we’ll really start to see each piece of the car transform.

Ruthy is a family restoration project for Tim’s grandma. We’ll be restoring Ruthy over the course of a few months, in between our work on customer restorations and such. Stay tuned for more updates as progress is made. Since it’s such a work of love, we’ll be documenting this one more than most so the whole family can keep up with it! For more information, please see our Restoration page or the Photo Gallery for pictures of our work!

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