Meet our shop buddy, Rod Knock

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Our new shop buddy, Rod Knock

It all started with a rod knock.

“Hey, do you hear that?”

I say no. I rarely ever hear what he is referring to. Tim has some sort of sixth sense for how his car is feeling at all times. But apparently, there was a rod knocking in the engine. Not good. After that, it started to overheat and have a bunch of other issues.

The El Camino overhaul has been a dream for awhile now. It already has a sweet custom paint job on it (black with red ghost flames), but we want to kick the paint job up a notch with some new colors and of course, Lumilor! Now that we’re a Certified Lumilor Lab, we are going to make the El Camino an eye-catchingly awesome example of our work.

And the motor, the newly rebuilt 350, may end up being equally as impressive as the paint job. It has been at the machine shop, and will soon be all done. Tim’s carefully chosen all of the different parts and is going to make this a great build.

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Piecing him together

Last week, the machine shop called to say the old motor parts were ready to be picked up. We didn’t really know what to do with it all, but there’s no lack of creativity around here. We’ve already got two lamps in our waiting room made out of parts, so what else could we do? Answer: Shop buddy!

We’ve been doing SO much welding in the shop the last couple of weeks anyway. We’re working on a truck restoration that is needing a lot of rust repair, which has involved patching holes and replacing the floor pans. What’s one more little welding project?

We asked our Facebook friends (Like our page!!) what they thought we should name the little guy. There were some really great suggestions, like Mig, Cam, Modo, Scrappy McMotor Parts, Steely Dan, and Rod Knock. Since the rod knocking issue rang so true for why we ended up with all these random motor parts in the first place, that seemed fitting. So here is Mr. Rod Knock, our new shop buddy who’s ready to greet you at the door.

My favorite part is his little head of hair made out of welding wire. What do you think? 

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Tim & Rod Knock

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2 Replies to "Meet our shop buddy, Rod Knock"

  • Chuck
    February 26, 2016 (7:59 pm)

    Cool blog! Would love to see more progress pics of the Ford pickup.

    • TD Customs
      February 26, 2016 (8:39 pm)

      Thanks Chuck! Look for an update on the F100 this coming week!

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