Body work touchups on the Camaro

The ’73 Camaro came back for a visit! We love this car, from the paint job (obviously) to the motor and car itself. Very impressive ride our friend’s got here.

body work touchups camaro paint

Victory Red paint

All that was needed on this job was a few body work touchups. There were a few blemishes on both of the doors of the car, so we did body work on them and got them perfectly smooth. Looking down the sides, you can tell how straight the doors are. Check out that reflection!

The paint is a Victory Red paint color. It is so bright and bold.

Since the body work was minimal and we only need to work on the doors, we were able to get this paint job in and out in 2 days. The customer was happy! It’s always nice when customers are happy and pleasantly surprised by how fast they get their vehicle back.

Doing these types of body work touchups as needed is the best way to keep your car looking its best at all times. We can also do the work in stages, repairing and painting only a couple panels at a time, which some customers opt for.  This keeps the body work touchups within budget, while still making regular progress on the car.

The day we finished the car was so rainy and windy, but there’s not much that can make this car look bad! Definitely in the sun, but even in the rain, the paint jumps out at you in the best way.

camaro paint job

Do you have a car that needs some fresh paint? Or maybe just some touch ups on those random areas that are driving you crazy? Located in Mills River, just down the road from the Asheville Airport, TD Customs specializes in auto body repair work and all kinds of custom paint. Call us today to get on the schedule!

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