New paint job on a Harley Davidson

TD Customs' latest motorcycle paint job

TD Customs’ latest motorcycle paint job

Originally all black, this awesome looking Harley Davidson motorcycle got a brand new paint job this week. The customers knew they wanted something in the red/ purple family, and flipped through our paint sample books, choosing a deep red-wine, burgundy color called crimson red pearl.

When getting a new paint job done, we recommend browsing through various colors to see what jumps out at you, as well as what will look good on your motorcycle specifically.

Harley motorcycle in for paint job

Before: Motorcycle taken apart

There were a lot of pieces to this motorcycle, including the tanks, side bags, fenders and side covers. Here is what the bike parts looked like before…

motorcycle paint job

Before paint

And here is what they look like after, with the new paint…

new paint job on motorcycle parts

After paint

When customers come to us for motorcycle paint jobs, they can either bring the whole bike, like they did here, or take it apart themselves and just bring the individual parts. In this case, it was a good idea to have us take the parts off and assemble them back on because there are quite a few parts. We’ll make sure they don’t get scratched during the process. And if they do, it’s on us of course, and we fix it. We had to be very careful! Another perk of leaving the bike with us is that we polish all the chrome, and get the whole bike cleaned up.

This motorcycle looks so great with the new custom paint color! The paint really gives the bike that great pop of color, and the brandywine red goes great with all the chrome.

Harley motorcycle paint job

Asheville motorcycle paint job TD Customs

This motorcycle paint job is TD Customs’ latest bike project. It was a fun one to do. We wish we could take it for a ride!

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See our Motorcycle Paint Photo Gallery for pictures of our motorcycle paints jobs, and our Motorcycle Repair & Paint page for information on our motorcycle repair shop. We specialize in all kinds of custom paint, both on cars and motorcycles, and love getting to do different designs and color schemes.

For your own custom paint job, contact us today to get on the schedule.

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