So much progress on the F100 Resto

Lots more progress has been made on the 1967 Ford F-100 truck restoration we’ve been working on. Aside from the smaller jobs we’ve gotten in and out in the last month, we have mainly been focusing on getting this restoration done.

truck restoration in primer

Truck parts in primer

This classic restoration required a 100% disassembly job as every single part had to come off of the truck. We repaired the parts we had to work with, as well as using new parts ordered by the owner. The body work is done on these parts and they’re all in primer.

There has been a lot of body work done on this truck. We’ve been spending a lot of time on the cab of the truck, repairing rust and getting the body work done. The floors were replaced and patched in with new steel, as well as the corners of the cab. Anything with rust was cut out, and new steel was welded into to replace it.

truck restoration floor rust repair

Floors – Before & After

We have also gotten the chassis back from the owner, with all new suspension. After sanding out the surface rust, we applied a rust prevention coating of POR-15 to the entire chassis. This gives it a neat look, while also keeping rust from coming back.

truck restoration chassis

Truck chassis with fresh anti-rust POR

Now that we’ve gotten out all of the rust on the cab, and patched it up, we apply the POR-15 to the floor of the cab. The floor had some major rust holes in it that we repaired, so it definitely looks way better now.

truck restoration rust repair

All new floors patched in and painted with POR coating

Next job is to mount the cab on the chassis. We’ve got to line the cab up with the frame, drill holes where they need to be and then get it mounted in place.

truck restoration

Front of the truck before cab gets mounted

Look at that, it’s starting to look like a whole truck again!

classic truck restoration

Side view before mounting the cab on the chassis

Once everything is mounted in place, we can get the cab in primer and start to work on assembling all the parts. It won’t be long before we are finished with this job.

Follow the blog or check back for more updates on this restoration. Now that a lot of the body work has been done, we’ll be able to get the cab in primer, the new parts prepped and assembled, and then it’ll be time for paint. It’s going to look great!

For more information, see our Restoration page, and contact us to discuss your project with us today!

4 Replies to "So much progress on the F100 Resto"

  • Chuck
    March 3, 2016 (3:26 pm)

    Nice work! Is that Holly Green?

    1967 marks the end of an era for these trucks, as new federal regulations changed several details in ’68 and the older, cleaner design became increasingly cluttered with reflectors, etc.

    • TD Customs
      March 3, 2016 (9:29 pm)

      It is Holly Green! This one used to be a NC forestry truck. We’re excited to be bringing it back to life!

      • Chuck
        March 4, 2016 (4:04 pm)

        Love the color. I have a ’68 in Pebble Beige that I hope to paint Holly Green.

        It’s always good to see and old truck get a new lease on life.

        • TD Customs
          March 4, 2016 (7:43 pm)

          Nice. Feel free to bring it in when you’re ready!

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