Ruthy: Interior Rust Prevention

Ruthy got some attention last week when Tim’s parents were in town. For those that don’t know, Ruthy is the family restoration project we have in the shop. The ’39 Chrysler Royal belongs to Tim’s grandmother and is getting a full restoration. It was her very first car, and the whole family is getting to help out on it.

Gail and Rex wanted to do as much as they could on Ruthy while they were here, and were assigned the job of ‘PORing’ the interior and some other parts. They scrapped out more of the inside of the car and applied a full coat of POR over the entire roof on the inside, the entire floor, and all the metal parts in the back.

Gail and Rex teaming up on the POR painting

Gail and Rex teaming up on the POR painting

POR-15 is a rust prevention coating that protects the car parts from moisture that will eventually lead to rust. It works best for the interior and undercarriage of cars where there is typically some rust that has developed and will likely return otherwise.

family body shop day

Gail painting POR on the roof

The inner wheel wells also got scraped out and painted with POR to prevent the rust from returning.

POR rust prevention coating on inner wheel wells

POR rust prevention coating on inner wheel wells

Applying this coating to the whole inside of the car and inner wheel wells was a big job, but it sure does make a big difference. Visually, it makes the parts look neater. It also, of course, protects all the different parts from rust, so it’s a necessary step in restoring the car. (Especially since this car is eventually going back to Upstate New York!)

car floor after a POR application

The floor after a POR application


roof coated with POR15

Coated with POR – Looks great!


All metal parts painted with POR

All metal parts painted with POR

It can be a somewhat tedious job applying POR to the underneath or interior of cars, especially since you’ve only got a relatively small space to work. Having everything prepped on the inside makes such a big difference though. They did a great job!

POR-15 is a pretty serious coating. It’s the type of paint that won’t come off your skin for a few days, and you’ll never get it out of your clothes. And yes, they may have gotten a couple temporary “tattoos” from where the POR got on their skin during the process. It’s tricky not to!

This car is so special to us because it is being done for a very special woman, and is a true labor of love that we all get to be included in. Check out the tag, Ruthy, to see all the blog posts about this restoration. We’ll post more as progress is being made!

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