Skoal Bandit Motorcycle Paint Job

The Skoal Bandit motorcycle has a pretty distinct look to it, including specific decals and colors that make it what it is. These bikes are fairly recognizable, and specifically well known for their coloring and decals. The picture below is of another Skoal Bandit motorcycle that we used as a design guide, along with a few others we found online. This is the look of a typical Skoal Bandit motorcycle.

Skoal Bandit motorcycle

The motorcycle was being painted for Lance Gamma, a motorcycle shop that specializes in building these custom Gamma crotch rockets. The owner brought in the motorcycle parts to be painted, as well as some other parts to use as a design guide. For customers who have a very specific paint job or design in mind, it’s always a good idea to bring in pictures or parts to show us the colors and layout you want.

motorcycle crotch rocket paint job TD Customs Asheville

Painted Skoal Bandit motorcycle parts

Using the sample parts as a guide, we were able to replicate the exact crotch rocket paint job he wanted. This included painting the different colors in just the rights spots, measuring the space between each color, and strategically placing the decals. The decals are a major part of the design of this bike. The placement varies with these bikes now as people rebuild and repaint them, but the original decals are still available. The owner picked out which decals to use from a pack of them specific to this bike.

There was a small dent in the tank and a couple other blemishes on the parts that needed to be repaired. The decals had to be removed, and were slightly difficult to do. We ended up using a heat lamp so they would loosen up enough to peel off. Once all the parts were stripped down and repaired, it was time for primer, and then some careful planning and paint work.

td customs asheville motorcycle paint

It took careful planning to repaint the bike the same way it was before and to choose which decals would go where. We needed to precisely measure, line up, and make sure each part matched its twin. The end result is an awesome looking crotch rocket paint job that looks just how it should.

crotch rocket motorcycle paint job Asheville

Most times, our customers bring us their tanks and other motorcycle parts individually since they’re fairly easy to put on and take off. TD Customs also offers motorcycle parts assembly for those that want to bring the bike chassis to us.

Here is a picture of all the finished parts on the chassis. As you can see, the colors line up perfectly. This is a cool looking motorcycle!

crotch rocket paint job asheville

For more pictures of our motorcycle paint work, see our Motorcycle Photo Gallery. If you’re interested in a custom motorcycle/ crotch rocket paint job, contact us to discuss what you’d like to have done and we’ll get you on the schedule.

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