Staying Safe on Winter Roads in WNC

Winter has finally arrived in NC. After an abnormally warm start, we’re now expecting our first big storm. Some people are saying we’ll get 28″, but that would literally be breaking every snowfall record NC’s ever seen. At any rate, big winter storms do cause havoc out on the roads, and increase the risk of getting into a car accident.

Here in North Carolina, they describe the level of snowstorm intensity with a complicated system of quantifying how much milk and bread loaves will be needed for survival. That’s right, the news station informs us of how many loaves of bread we should buy before we hunker down in our homes. For example, a storm calling for 3-5 inches would generally be a two-loaf storm. It’s a very complex forecast system.

So in honor of Winter Storm Jonas (that is likely to be a Three Loaf Storm), we are sharing our tips for staying safe on dangerous winter roads if you do have to drive in it.

staying safe on wnc winter roads

Safe Driving Tips for Winter

If you live up north (which Tim and I both have), you expect this kind of snow and just deal with it. The roads will likely be plowed, and emergency crews are constantly keeping the roads salted. Here in Asheville, we don’t get snow often, so there aren’t as many plows clearing up the roads for us. We also have lots of winding, mountain roads that can get very icy. Therefore, many times, schools will shut down for the storm, and they recommend people just stay home since staying safe on winter roads can be hard in certain conditions. It’s better to be safe than sorry if you know conditions are going to be dangerous.

But if you can’t stay home, be sure to practice safe driving and be mindful that your risk of getting in an accident is higher. Here are some tips for staying safe on winter roads…

  • Stay alert and don’t drive while you are fatigued
  • Warm  up the vehicle before leaving, but never in an enclosed area, such as a garage
  • Check the air pressure in  your tires, 32 lbs psi is ideal
  • Make sure you have enough windshield wiper fluid
  • Make sure you gas tank is at least half full to avoid freezing
  • Avoid using your parking brake and cruise control in your car
  • If your car hits ice, don’t brake or accelerate. Turn the wheel in the direction you want to go, and ride it out.
  • And of course, the obvious:
    • Practice caution and do not drive distracted
    • Watch where you are going, and look out for other cars
    • Wear your seat belt!
  • Lastly, make sure you keep an eye on your cell phone battery and keep it charged!

Also read our tips on How to Winterize Your Car and what Items to Include in your Emergency Roadside Kit!

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  • Brian Denton
    November 23, 2017 (12:06 pm)

    November 23, 2017

    I wish to bring to your attention the book that is available through Amazon: “Staying Safe on our Roads: The Small Margin for Error.” The purpose of this book is to identify the hazards on our roads such that the reader will better understand how to reduce their risks of being involved in a traffic collision. Road safety education and road safety are inseparable.

    Yours very truly,
    Brian Denton, P. Eng.
    Prince Rupert, BC. Canada

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