Car trouble in this crazy winter weather

winter car accident

Winter weather, especially here in the Carolinas, can sure wreck havoc on the roads, and thus our vehicles. This past weekend, we were advised to stay home rather than driving out on dangerous roads. In fact, most people across WNC and the SC Upstate had a long weekend due to the snow.

Driving on dangerous roads may lead to accidents with other drivers on the road, or even cause your car to skid off the road and possibly hit a tree or other object. Not having 4-wheel drive made driving nearly impossible this weekend, but even those trucks with 4WD and great tires experienced difficulties on the roads.

asheville car accident winterThere were many accidents reported out on the roads this past weekend. For those that couldn’t stay home, the risk of an accident was much higher since the roads were not safe to drive on. Asheville and Hendersonville schools are still shut down due to icy roads. Since WNC rarely sees this kind of weather, the cities aren’t adequately equipped to handle it when it does happen. Snow plows get to the main roads first, but many of us live on side roads that, without the proper attention, get cased in ice. Even driveways can lead us into fender bender if we aren’t careful.

Even when the news is telling us to stay home, there are still ways the winter weather can give us some trouble. For instance, like in the photo above, heavy snow can weigh down roofs and carports, and cause them to come crashing down on your car. Roof damage can be fixed by popping out the dent and repairing it with body work and a fresh coat of paint. Other body damage can be repaired in much the same way, of if need be, we can order new parts as well.

Has your vehicle been affected by the weather?

TD Customs is open and ready to take on your collision repair. Our body shop offers fast body repairs and collision repairs at very affordable prices. We know how frustrating it can be when the weather does a number to your vehicle. Whether you’ve been involved in a collision with another vehicle or have seen other auto body damage to your car, like your carport caving in, we are happy to help! Contact us today!

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