Lumilor ePaint featured in Motor Trend Magazine!

ePaint is making it’s debut in Motor Trend. We love seeing Lumilor paint jobs featured, especially in a magazine like Motor Trend! The article coined the electroluminescent paint, ‘ePaint’, for electroluminescence – it’s ability to  light up through real electric power.

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The magazine features the 2016 Camaro Krypton that we saw at the SEMA Show, with electroluminescent Chevy bow ties cascading down the sides. This car was so cool to see in person. It was painted a ‘kryptonic green’ color with Lumilor just on the bow ties, so it blended in a bit and went together really well.

So many people stopped and looked at the car on display, and couldn’t believe it was actually the paint that was lighting up. Some people were even looking into the rafters to see if there was a projector shining onto the car. This ePaint is really so cool to see in person for the first time. You want to feel around the lit up parts and check the back of the panels for wires, but there are none. The painted parts light up so seamlessly. The magic is literally in the paint job!

Our friends at Darkside Scientific put in a lot of time and hard work on the 2016 Camaro Krypton concept car that was unveiled at the 2015 SEMA Show. It looks amazing, and shows off the electronic capabilities that Lumilor has. Since ePaint is connected to an electrical source, it can be programmed to cascade down the sides like this Camaro Krypton.

The ePaint on the Camaro Krypton at SEMA:

Read more about the 2016 Camaro Krypton here!

Since it’s so new, Lumilor is still in the process of making a name for itself. There are a lot of folks that haven’t heard that such a product is even available. So we definitely love seeing it get the attention it deserves in some great publications. The article was good, discussing the future of paint on cars, specifically how it could affect the environment. The article referenced the high cost of the Camaro Krypton paint job, but we want to note that while Lumilor ePaint is not cheap, most Lumilor paint jobs won’t be that high. Most applications will involve accent pieces on vehicles, or motorcycle paint jobs, helmets, etc. It is priced by the square inch, so ePaint is definitely more like ordering Kobe beef over McDonalds.

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We became a Certified Lumilor Lab in Novemeber 2015, and can’t wait to see what 2016 is going to bring, both for us and Darkside. TD Customs is a body shop that specializes in classic restorations and cool, custom paint jobs, including Lumilor. We offer electroluminescent paint jobs of all kinds, and will happy to discuss your project with you. Fill out a Get Lit form, or contact us with any questions.

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