Progress on the ’67 F-100 Restoration

Restoration on the 1967 Ford F-100 stepside truck is in full swing. As you can see, the truck started out green. It will be getting a new shiny ‘holly green’ paint job that will have it sparkling in the sun.

truck restoration asheville nc

Truck cab- Before

car truck restoration asheville nc

Time to sand & start body work

Most of the body, including the hood and doors, was sanded down to bare metal. There was a lot of body work to be done. The shop definitely smelled like bondo for a couple days! All the body work done on these auto restorations is well worth it to get those smooth, flawless lines we need. After the truck is painted, you will be able to see every little ding or wave in a panel, so we make sure the body work is always done perfectly so the finished product is completely smooth.

auto truck restoration progress arden nc

Body work in progress

We also did some rust repair and metal fabrication on the doors and hood, and got those in final primer. There are also some new parts for this truck, so we’ll just have to put those on, get them prepped and they’ll be ready for paint.

The owner has the chassis of the truck, and is working on getting the suspension all ready. Once he’s done, he’ll bring it back so we can assemble it back together. We’ll put all the primered parts on, and get the whole truck prepped for paint. That’s the  best part. Stay tuned for the After photo once it’s been painted!

truck restoration in primer

Truck parts in primer

We’re busy with a couple restorations in the shop right now, as well as taking on smaller jobs here and there. We definitely see a trend of more people getting their cars restored in the winter. It’s the perfect time for it, since usually you only want to drive beautifully restored cars in nice weather. Can’t blame them!

Don’t wait to get your car or truck restoration done in the summer when you’re wanting to go to car shows and cruise around with the windows down! Call us today to get on the schedule and we’ll have you driving the ride you’ve always wanted before Spring hits. (You provide the ride, we’ll make it pretty).

See our Restorations page for more information on our car and truck restoration services, and contact us to discuss your project!

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