Custom Steel Drawers

custom steel drawers before custom sanding

Before – how we received them

We’ve got more custom steel pieces! We do a lot of steel work for a local construction company, usually sanding down and applying a clear coat to the finished product. The metal look is gaining popularity in the home decor industry, so it is always interesting to see what the metal will be used for with each particular project.

This time we were given these three square drawers that were going to be fit into the wall of a bedroom to make an in-wall dresser.

To get the cool, swirled look on the steel, we sanded down the metal all the way. These pieces were covered in carbon, so we sanded it all off, and Tim did some custom DA sanding to create the swirls that the customers love. What’s cool about these custom steel pieces we restore is that they are all slightly different, but all have the same swirled look.

Custom steel design asheville nc

Custom steel swirl design

TD Customs is a custom paint shop. We specialize in restoring and painting cars and motorcycles, of course, but we are always up for custom paint projects like this. We’ve painted lots of other random items that customers have brought us over the years. Check out our Other Cool Stuff photo gallery to see some of the more unique items we’ve painted.

We’re experts in restorations and making things look brand new again. We know how to prep various surfaces for paint, and offer professional spray painting and flawless paint jobs. We’re also able to restore and apply a protective clear coat to items that don’t need paint, like these steel drawers. They turned out great!

custom steel drawers

After – Custom sanded steel drawers

Contact us to discuss your paint project with us today. We are located in Mills River, just down the road from the Asheville Airport, and serve all surrounding areas, including Hendersonville, Arden and Fletcher.

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