Truck Restoration Update: Land Rover Defender, Part 2

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We’re making fast progress on the Land Rover Defender truck restoration!

The body of the truck is in primer and has been completely wet sanded. All of the doors and the hood have been painted, so next up is painting the whole body. It will get painted tonight, so the paint can dry over the weekend.

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Next week, we are going to be putting it all back together. Assembly on the Defender is going to take a little longer than most truck restorations because there are so many different components. There is a roll cage, a soft top cover, new front and back seats, and lots of small pieces we took off to restore and paint.

The exterior paint is a creamy off-white, while everything else on the truck is going to be black. It’s going to look great!

The customer plans on picking up his finished Defender truck restoration next Saturday and drive it back to his home in Florida, so there’s no wiggle room with this deadline. It’s going to be great to see this project all put together, with the brand new paint job, and either new or restored auto parts! The next update for this restoration will be next week when we’ve got it all put back together, so subscribe to our blog (email form on the right!) or Like us on Facebook to make sure you don’t miss it!

Check out our Restoration Services page for more information, and a Photo Gallery of our work! If you have a truck restoration you need to get done, contact TD Customs to discuss today!

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