We are thankful for you!

This time of year always makes us extra thankful. Not only is it Thanksgiving, but it’s the anniversary of when we opened this shop here in Mills River.

TD Customs Classic restorations - Asheville body shop

Some highlights from the year

Every year we are seeing our business grow. This one was the busiest and craziest of them all. There were definitely a lot of beautifully restored cars that left the shop along with happy customers.

We experienced a few growing pains this year. We’ve struggled to find auto body techs experienced enough to handle the intense body work we do here. (The older cars take lots more TLC than your average collision repair!) A few customers had to wait longer than usual on their restorations. Right now, we are still booking jobs a couple months out, but we aren’t complaining about demand. Luckily, we’ve hired an experienced body guy who is awesome, and production has gone way up. We’re also still hiring, if you know of, or are someone who is interested. We’re also hoping to get some more space soon.

TD Customs is growing thanks to our wonderful customers and word of mouth advocates. We have one customer who’s truck is still in for a restoration, and he’s already had us put another one of his cars on the schedule. Tim is an artist, and that’s really the compliment we heard the most this year. He’s always ready to take on a custom job or restore something to perfection. And of course, the finished products reflect his artistic talent. Our customers appreciate the passion that goes into their cars here. Many of you refer us to your friends.

From us at TD Customs, we’d like to say a big thanks to all of our loyal customers and even those of you we maybe haven’t met yet.

Thank You for your support!

Tim Donaghue Tara TD Customs

Tim & Tara Donaghue, TD Customs

We hope you all have a blessed, fun filled Thanksgiving weekend!

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