What colors does Lumilor come in?

One question we keep getting is, what colors does Lumilor come in? Most of the electroluminescent paint we have seen has been in the original white or blue/green Lumilor color. This is the color that is most intense and allows for the most light to shine through. It is also the most sought after color at this time because of its overall look and functionality.

What colors does Lumilor come in?

The Short Answer:

Lumilor comes standard in white, green, blue, aqua, and orange. Certain other Lumilor colors may be available upon request, such as bright pink.

This is a sample of the typical color that Lumilor comes in:

what colors does lumilor come in

Original Lumilor blue

The Long Answer:

The Lumilor Electroluminescent Coating System is a multi-layer process. It takes a strategic, precise combination of these coatings to produce the light. There will usually be a primer laid down first (depending on the surface), but then this coating system makes up the very bottom layer of a paint job. On top of these layers is typically a tinted clearcoat. Both the coating layers and the tinted topcoat make up the standard white, green, blue, blue-green, and orange colors.

what colors does lumilor come in

As you can see, there are many different shades of colors that we make by manipulating it slightly. However, not every color shines as brightly as the whites, blues, and greens do.

If you are looking for a more custom look, it is possible to tint over the white Lumilor to create a new spectrum of light using various other shades of tint. However, since we are working with an electric charge in the paint, the colors do not act exactly like typical paint colors would.

With regular paint, you can add blue and yellow color pigments together to make green, for example. With Lumilor paint, the colors each react with the electric charge differently, and thus, create a different illumination.

Altering the color can be done through color subtraction. Color subtraction essentially starts with white light, and consists of mixing other colored pigments to partially or completely subtract some wavelengths of light and not others to create a wider spectrum of colors. The color that is then displayed is the pigments that have not been absorbed, and therefore, remain visible. There really is a lot of science behind this!

It is important to carefully choose both the Lumilor color and the tinted topcoat. TD Customs will work with you to achieve the desired color and illumination you are going for.

What will the Lumilor color be when it is Off?

As always, when the Lumilor is turned off, the color and design of the item will appear as if there is no Lumilor on it whatsoever. There will be no paint lines, no wires, and no traces of the product anywhere. When the paint is energized, you see the lit up colors and design in all its glory.

See our electroluminescent paint questions page for more answers to your Lumilor questions, our main LUMILOR page, and feel free to contact us to if you have any others or would like to discuss your project with us.

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