Wheels getting a pop of color

We got some cool looking wheels in the shop for an updated look. These wheels and tires belong to a bright green colored Jeep. The customer wanted all of the silver accents to be painted bright green to match. These wheels are great for paint because there are so many tiny areas ready for that pop of color.

Here is what the wheels looked like Before…

black wheels before custom paint


In order to get all the silver areas green, we had to tape off everything but just these areas. The tape lines must be precise so that none of the paint gets where it’s not supposed to. That’d really mess up the look.

taping-off-paint-lines custom painted wheels

We did five wheels, including the spare, so it was a lot of masking!


Painting little accents like these is a great way to add a pop of color or painted to match your vehicle. It will definitely change the look of the vehicle, but not in an over the top way.

Here is what the newly custom painted wheels look like After…


The green paint changes the overall look and is going to be a cool, subtle effect on the vehicle. Here is a Before & After – what do you think?

TD Customs custom painted wheels Asheville Hendersonville

*Update: When the customer got home, he sent us pictures of the Jeep with the new wheels. The color matches perfectly. Take a look!

custom painted wheels to match Jeep paint job Asheville

We also painted these tiny little handle inserts that fit within the door handles. It adds another pop of that awesome green color and ties everything in.

custom automotive paint


Would some new artwork look good on your wheels? Contact us today to discuss!

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