2018 Mountain Motor Show featuring TD Customs’ Lumilor

Saturday was the 3rd annual Mountain Motor Show at the WNC Ag Center in South Asheville. We’ve been going since it started, and it’s always been a good time.

Mountain Motor Show 2018

Mountain Motor Show Indoor at the WNC Ag Center, 2018

TD Customs is located in Mills River, right down the road from the Ag Center, so we always like to go to the car shows in our neighborhood. The Mountain Motor Show is a big car show that shows off cars, trucks and motorcycles in different categories. They range from Best Classic to Best Hot Rod, among others. Cars are displayed both inside and outside. Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day, so it was perfect to show off all the cars under the sun, as well as under the indoor bright lights.

Mountain Motor Show 2018

Mountain Motor Show Outside at the WNC Ag Center, 2018

TD Customs’ Lumilor lit motorcycle was there on display with the other motorcycles. The paint is an electroluminescent coating system called Lumilor. The paint job is wired from each lit up field to the motorcycle battery, which powers it.

Mountain Motor Show 2018 TD Customs Asheville Motorcycle Paint Jobs

Electroluminescent painted motorcycle ~ TD Customs

Lumilor paint jobs can be lit up with the flip of a switch or the light can be controlled through the use of an app on your phone. Here we used the app and let it flash to a certain pattern, as well as sometimes changing it to coincide with the music there. The video below is a quick 10-second clip of the bike’s Lumilor paint job flashing on and off.

This light up paint is still so new and unique that it always draws a crowd. People have lots of questions as to how Lumilor works, how much it costs, how many colors it comes in, and what else you can do with it. We love answering everyone’s questions and chatting with different people in the community, whether they’re likely to invest in a wild paint job like this or not.

Lumilor FAQ Page <– Answers to even more of your Questions!

Mountain Motor Show 2018 TD Customs

“Is that the paint that lights up?!”

While we’re there, we of course love checking out all the other cars, everything from the beautiful classics to fun custom builds. These cars are totally up our alley. It’s what we spend all our time working on, so we appreciate the work and passion that goes into all of these flawless cars and trucks.

We are always excited to see cars we’ve worked on at car shows. The 1964 Ford Mustang we restored and painted orange was there.

Mountain Motor Show 2018

The ’64 Mustang we recently restored and painted

One cool component to this classic car is the custom cowl hood we fabricated. The owner said she got asked about it, and explained it was not fiberglass, but fabricated steel. You don’t see that a lot on ’64 Mustangs.

Mountain Motor Show 2018

Custom fabricated steel cowl hood

We also saw another cool classic car we worked on recently, the 1957 Oldsmobile Starlite. We painted the air intake tubing under the hood and did a few touch ups on this one. This car won in the best custom hot rod category!

Mountain Motor Show 2018

’57 Olds that won Best Custom Hot Rod

Thanks to everyone who came out to the 2018 Mountain Motor Show! We love getting to see everyone, talking cars and custom paint, and sharing something we’re all passionate about. We took a lot of pictures of the beautiful cars we saw. Scroll down to see what else what at the Mountain Motor Show this year!

Scroll down to see a photo gallery of some of the best cars at the 2018 Mountain Motor Show!

If you haven’t been to TD Customs before, feel free to stop by the shop and check us out. We’re happy to give estimates and discuss your project with you, or just show you what we’re working on.

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