Two Toned Motorcycle Paint Job

Two Toned Motorcycle Paint Jobs TD Customs

Two toned motorcycle paint jobs are a great way to spice up the look of your bike while still keeping it simple. This orange and black paint job combines an awesome sparkly orange color on top with solid black on the bottom. From certain angles, the orange has all kinds of shimmer and you can spot shades of yellow and even green when the sun hits it.

We painted the entire bike for this paint job, which included the tank, front fairing, side covers, hard bags, and fender.

Harley Davidson two toned motorcycle paint job Hendersonville

Two toned motorcycle parts painted orange and black

The two hard bags were all orange, while the other motorcycle parts were painted the two-toned orange and black. When the bike came in, all of the parts were completely orange. We added the black for a little contrast and to change up the look.

motorcycle parts custom paint Hendersonville

More bike parts after paint

Pictures inside the shop don’t do the paint justice on this one. The black is a solid black with minimal shimmer. The orange comes to life in the sun with its hidden metallic effect. Inside, the orange paint looks more muted. The paint is an original Harley-Davidson color that was actually a little tricky to get the paint code for.

Motorcycle paint job Asheville

Two toned motorcycle paint job inside

Two toned motorcycle paint jobs let you customize your bike and make it uniquely yours. If you like the paint to sparkle in the sun, like this one, we can find just the right color. We also have the option of putting metal flake into the clear coat to make it sparkle even more. Metal flake can be rainbow colored, or any specific color you’d like.

two toned motorcycle paint job Mills River

Is your bike ready for a change? Maybe it’s already one color, and you just want to break it up a bit. Let’s make it two-toned and give it new life while keeping an element you like. Or maybe it needs a complete color change, and that’s ok too!

Contact us to discuss your motorcycle paint job today. We love doing any kind of custom paint work, so let us know your ideas. We’re also happy to match paint and your bike back to its factory-original look. While you’re  here, check out our Motorcycle Paint Job Photo Gallery for pictures of some of  our previous work.

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