Custom Painted Shop Sign from S10 Truck Hood

TD Customs custom hood shop sign

TD Customs is rocking a new shop sign!

We needed a new one after the old one rusted from being in the rain too much. Turns out, if your hood is going to be vertically up against a wall, the rain is going to damage it more than if it’s just on your truck. But, it gave us a chance to update the sign with a whole new custom paint job!

It’s fun to do random paint jobs where we can be creative. Since this is the sign for the front of the building, we had lots of freedom with how to paint it. We wanted it to stand out and be a cool representation of the custom paint we can do.

We painted the sides and bottom edge a blue color with some micah in it that does sparkle in the sun. Tim put custom pinstripes on the blue sides and ghosted them in so they don’t stand out as much. They add a subtle custom touch.

We also had some rainbow metal flake in the cabinet and decided to put that on top of the black base in the middle and on the scallops on the sides.

rainbow metal flake paint job

Rainbow metal flake on a black base

When it was all painted, we applied a white vinyl with our logo on top. The white really stands out on the black, so you can easily see it when you drive up.

td customs custom painted hood sign

If the sun is hitting it, that rainbow metal flake really stands out. It looks different from all angles, colors ranging from red to blue to green, etc. In the shade, it looks almost like silver flake on the black without the sparkle. Here is a quick video of the hood sign from different angles while it was out in the sun…

If you’re in the area and would like to check out the shop, we’d love to have you! You can take a look at what we’re working on and how the two shops are set up. We have the first bay in the building, and also the very last. The first one is where the office is, and where the paint booth is and the finishing work takes place. Bay 6 is dedicated to the messier work we do; body work and metal fabricating, etc.

Contact us to discuss how we can help with your next paint and body project!

While you’re here, be sure to check out the Photo Gallery of some of our previous work!

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