Classic Car Collision Repair

classic car collision repair Asheville NC

At TD Customs, we know classic cars. We do full restorations on most of the classics that come into our shop, refinishing the entire body to its original condition. As a full service body shop, we also offer collision services on all kinds of vehicles. Most of our collision work is done on modern vehicles, but accidents happen to classic cars too.

When it comes to your classic car, we recommend getting it repaired at a body shop that specializes in classic cars. The auto body techs at TD Customs work on classic cars day in and day out. 

There is definitely more work that goes into making the body of an older car straight than there is for newer cars. With new cars, we replace parts more often than repair them. With the older cars, you can’t always just replace a fender or another part. Instead, we repair rust and other metal issues by patching up holes and fabricating parts when needed.

Classic car collision repair? We got this.

Our classic car restorations are broken up with collision repair on newer model vehicles, and paint jobs on cars, trucks and motorcycles.

In the case of this 1971 Cutlass, the owner scrapped the side corner of the hood pulling out of a car show parking lot and just needed a couple spots touched up. We repaired damage to the bumpers, fenders and hood. While it was in, we also did a headlight restoration to keep those lights shining bright.

classic car collision repair Asheville NC

Before & After: Classic Car Collision Repair

Many body shops in the area don’t take on classic car collision repair jobs. It is much easier to order and replace parts on a modern vehicle than it is to have to repair or track down old parts for a 1939 Chrysler, for example. We get it, but the classics are what we do. We genuinely like keeping these old cars on the road and out of the scrapyard!

Read more about our Collision Repair as well as our Restoration work to get more information on these services.

Contact us to discuss what we can do for your next paint job and to get a free estimate on your project.

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