TD Customs is Expanding!

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No, you are not seeing double. TD Customs has just doubled our shop space!

td customs paint body shop ashevilleWe’ve been outgrowing our current shop for awhile now. It has been getting harder and harder to move around the different cars we’re working on at a given time. We are extremely fortunate in that demand is up, but with just the one bay, we’ve been having to schedule customers further out than we’d like. Now we’ve got the space to accommodate more vehicles and get jobs on the schedule much sooner than before.

We also ran into the issue of having so many vehicles in one area being in different stages of the job. We consistently do classic restorations that tend to involve heavier body or metal work, which makes for a messy shop. We also do a lot of quicker collision repair jobs and paint jobs that require a clean environment when they’re ready to paint.

It’s difficult to get one car ready for paint while you have 3 others in various stages of body or metal work. We’d have to stop sanding on the vehicle getting fully restored, clean the shop, and then get ready to paint whatever needed to be painted that day. As you can imagine, this slowed things down.

So, the idea is to have a clean shop and a dirty shop.

Our main shop space will be the first bay you see when you pull up. It will be the ‘clean shop’ where we prep for paint, paint in the paint booth and do all the final buff and polish, and assembly work afterwards.

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Inside TD Customs Bay 1

At the other end of the building, bay #6, is our ‘dirty shop’, where all the body work and metal work takes place. This is the work (sanding, grinding, welding) that creates a ton of dust and debris. Body work is often the most time consuming part of the restoration process, so this is where the majority of the work will happen.

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Inside TD Customs Bay 6

It is going to make a world of difference to have these two areas completely separate. It’ll cut down on the amount of time it takes to clean the shop before paint (since the dirty work will take place somewhere else). There will be no chance of debris getting near a paint job as it’s being painted or afterwards, which means less finishing work on our end. It’ll be a lot easier to work on multiple jobs at a time and to be more efficient.

We’ve been steadily growing over the last five years. We are so appreciative of our customers, especially those who waited longer than they wanted to get on our schedule. Thank you for valuing our work.

Got a paint job you’ve been waiting for? A classic that needs restored?

TD Customs is one of the very few auto body shops in the Asheville/ WNC area that will do full paint jobs. We specialize in classic restorations and custom paint on all vehicles, motorcycles, etc. As a full service body shop, we also offer collision repair, and accept insurance claims. If we can help you with your vehicle in any way, please contact Tim to discuss your project today.

TD Customs is Hiring!

We’ve got lots of work and we are Hiring! If you have experience in auto body work, metal fabrication or paint, or know someone who is does, please contact us. We are looking for reliable, motivated individuals who enjoy bringing these old cars back to life. For more information, click – Join our Team.

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