Collision Repair: Parts Replacing

At TD Customs, we get a lot of quick, fender bender repairs or small dent repairs in the shop. Typically, these body repair jobs are in and out in a day or so. We like to schedule the car to come in early, so we can order your paint, and new parts if needed, and get started right away. If we can plan our parts replacing jobs ahead like this, we will be able to keep you without a car for as little time as possible. Depending on the damage, we will either repair it or replace the part, whichever is most cost effective for you.

Parts Replacing

Cars with larger dents that require more labor hours may be easier and cheaper to just replace. This was the case with the recent body repair on a Toyota 4Runner. We ordered a new door, touched up a couple blemishes on it, primed and painted it. We then got everything assembled back on, and the owner got to come pick it up a day after leaving it with us.

When we replace parts, we generally look for used parts first so that we can save the customer some money. We will be painting the parts to match anyway, so it doesn’t have to be brand new unless you specifically choose to or we can’t find replacement parts.

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New parts prepped for paint

Many times when we are working with our older classic cars, we can’t simply order new parts because they may not make them anymore and they’re very rare. When we can’t find replacement parts, we will fabricate what we need to to make it work. This doesn’t happen much with newer cars. Those parts are generally easy to find. Most of our collision repair jobs need only minor body repairs or parts replacing to get the car looking back to new again. And when we’re done with it, it looks like there was never any damage in the first place.

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Come see TD Customs for all your parts replacing, and fender bender and collision repair needs. We are one of the most affordable body shops in the Asheville area, and our work is always held to the highest standard. We value customer service and quality work, and are happy to work with you however we can.

Give us a call, fill out a Quote Request at the very bottom of the page, or stop by the shop for a free estimate!

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