Rust repair: Patching in new panels

Rust repair is a necessary component to most restorations we do since many of them are on old classic cars that have been around for awhile. Rust repair is always easiest when caught early. However, we have repaired extensive rust damage on quite a few cars. When there is a good amount of rust, we generally cut out the affected areas, and replace them with new panels. We’ll also spread on a coat of POR-15, an anti-rust paint product that keeps it from coming back again. We recently worked on a truck restoration that needed a lot of rust repair to the cab of the truck, so we decided to document the progress on it here.

The floors had a lot of rust so we cut out large sections that needed to be replaced. Can’t have anyone falling through those floors now.

Rust repair before

Large holes from rust

For this particular truck, the owner bought new floor pans, so we cut out parts of the new floor pans and patched them within the cab. Rust holes can also be repaired without ordering specific panels, especially when there are none available. We’ll use sheet metal panels to patch up other holes.

rust repair

New floor pans to patch up the large rust holes in the floor

We welded the new floor pans or sheet metal in, grind the welds down, and are left with a nice, smooth floor once again. Then, we made sure to put a coat of POR-15 on the floors to prevent any rust from returning. This is the black you see on the floor here.

rust repair asheville arden

Patches welded in, POR painted over it all to prevent rust

Here is a Before/ After of the rust on the driver’s side floor. All rust gets cut out because it tends to spread very easily otherwise.

Before/ After floor pan rust repair

Before/ After floor pan rust repair

There were rust holes on the side corners of the cab as well, so those got patched the same way.

rust repair

Rust repairs to the corners

We recommend that vehicles with rust get brought in as soon as possible because of how fast rust can spread. Once there is a little bit, it is sure to grow, especially from the newly exposed metal.

We guarantee our rust repairs for a year, so if any more rust develops from the spots we work on, we are happy to have you bring the vehicle back for us to take care of. In most cases, rust repairs last a very long time and will have no problem standing the test of time.

Do you have some rust you need taken care of? A restoration you’ve been wanting to do? Contact TD Customs for all the auto body work you need. We are conveniently located between Asheville in Hendersonville, in Mills River, right down the road from the Asheville Airport. We look forward to working with you.

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