Complete Bed-Off Truck Paint Job

When you love your truck, but it needs refinishing and fresh paint, bring it to TD Customs! We do full paint jobs all the time, like this complete bed off truck paint job.

The ’91 Ford Ranger came in with rust, sun fading and some other random body damage. Our job was to repair all body dents, rust, and refinish it back to factory – just how it looked back in 1991.

ford ranger body shop Mills River

91 Ranger – Before

Complete Bed-Off Truck Paint Job

When we do full paint jobs on pickup trucks, we typically always remove the bed from the chassis. Doing this allows us to get to every part of the truck, including the back of the cab and front of the bed. We take every part off of the vehicles we do full paint jobs on; doors, hood, trunk lid.

auto body work Arden

Metal and body work being done to the bed of the truck

Once all the metal work and body work has been done, we sand it down one last time with water. This creates a perfectly smooth finish that will allow the paint to lay down well. Any blemishes or roughness will stand out after its been painted. This is why prep work is so important. The paint can only lay down as smoothly as the surface it’s being sprayed on.

Mills River auto body shop full paint jobs

Ready for paint

Once the truck has been painted, it is time to reassemble the entire truck. The doors need to be put back on the truck. If applicable, like especially in newer vehicles, the wiring needs to be rerun for the power windows, etc. In a 1991 truck, it’s pretty easy. In some of the newer vehicles, however, there can be a lot of wires!

auto body shop Arden full paint

Reassembly after paint

Bedliner Coating

We also applied a roll-on bedliner coating to the bed of the truck. This protects the surface so the paint doesn’t chip or fade with wear and time. It will prevent rust and other corrosion, while also making it look nice and durable.

bedliner coating application Asheville

Bedliner coating

The paint color was the factory-original gold/silver color Ford used in 1991. We also added the black pinstripe down the sides. If you look down the side of the truck, you’ll see a flawless, smooth finish all the way down. No waves, dents, or imperfections whatsoever.

The owner was very pleased, and noted that it looked even better than it did when he bought it.

TD Customs full paint job pickup truck

’91 Ford Ranger – After #TDCustoms full paint job

This full bed off truck paint job took us less than three weeks to do from start to finish. Turnaround time depends on the amount of damage we need to fix in the metal/body work stage. There wasn’t a huge amount of damage on this truck, so it didn’t take as long. We don’t drag our feet around here, so you can expect jobs with us to be done in a timely fashion.

Feel free to contact us to discuss your next paint job!

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3 Replies to "Complete Bed-Off Truck Paint Job"

  • Troy
    March 18, 2021 (8:27 pm)

    My name is Troy Iam look for some one to redo my truck it’s a 1989 gmc k 1500 the bed does have rust and the cad Corners on the driver side is rusted I can send you pictures if you like

  • Jonathan Short
    April 11, 2018 (12:11 pm)

    It has taken me 11 days to take the 94 ford ranger apart doors tail gate bed and cab to fully paint a small amount of body work. Went from blue to red and inside the cab to make like factory looks turn out great and I fiber glasses the door panels and dash. Than I got told that it should not took that long. I am a one man small garage is that a good time to do the work in. 17 hour’s daily I can’t do that all the time.

    • TD Customs
      April 19, 2018 (11:08 am)

      11 days for a complete tear down and paint is not bad. Good work takes time!

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