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Jeep Full Paint Job

For the Jeep we recently refinished, we had a Line-X Protective Coating applied to the floor and bed. Initially, it was just painted white like the rest of the Jeep. But with the Line-X coating, it gives it a much nicer look and protection from the elements.

Line-X Protective Coating

Line-X is the first spray-on bedliner that comes with a lifetime warranty. The coating permanently bonds to the truck bed. This allows the surface to be completely sealed from water and dirt. No more worrying about rust or corrosion from drop-in bedliners.

line x protective coating auto body shop

Line-X coating on the bed and side panels of the Jeep

We took the Jeep to a Line-X Protective Coatings branch in Canton, NC, and were able to pick it up a day later. The difference is amazing. It feels tough and durable to the touch, and makes a world of difference in appearance. It essentially creates a brand new surface that will stand the test of time.

LineX bedliner auto body shop

Before & After Line-X

The Line-X coating is better than the typical bedliner coatings because of how it adheres to the surface. While a little more expensive, it comes with a lifetime warranty, and will give you no problems.

Line-X TD Customs body shop Asheville

Not ready for Line-X?

For a more affordable version, we like to use Bed Armor, which is a roll-on, rubberized bedliner. It doesn’t last as long as Line-X, probably about 5 years of so, but touch ups can be applied. Take a look at a recent truck bed we applied Bed Armor to. It still looks great, and will protect the bed, but is slightly less durable than the Line-X.

bedliner coating application Asheville

Roll-on bedliner coating

If you’re only looking for bedliner installation, we highly recommend Line-X of Asheville/Waynesville. If you are interested in having us restore your truck and would like to include this, just let us know and we can get it done. Of course, if you’re interested in a roll-on bedliner coating, like the one above, we are happy to apply this as well.

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