Custom Paint Job: Antique Corn Grinder

Custom painted antique corn grinderIt’s not every day that we get a huge old-fashioned corn grinder in the shop for a custom paint job!

Also known as a hammer mill, the customer got the 80-year old corn grinder from his grandfather, and brought it to us to strip down and put some brand new paint on. The classic decals are next, giving it just the right look as the customer remembers it.

We love doing custom paint jobs like this. It’s not your average job, and it’s just fun to work on something so out of the ordinary. Plus, Tim is always in when there is a level of nostalgia to the project.

We put a picture on Facebook and asked our followers if they knew what it was (I sure didn’t at first!), and after a couple wrong guesses, someone was able to identify it as a “grain mill or feed grinder with a dust collector, perhaps known as a hammer mill”. Spot on! This thing was pretty heavy too. It took a forklift to move it.

We’ve painted all kinds of random, cool things that customers have brought in, from a desk to a guitar to railings and other home fixtures. And now an 80-year old corn grinder! Check some of our Other Cool Stuff photo gallery for more!

Do YOU have anything cool that needs some restoring or a fresh coat of paint? Call TD Customs to talk about your project today.

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