Keeping those classic restorations sparkling

classic restorations polishThe ’56 Buick Special is a full classic restoration we did a little over a year ago, and today, it’s back in the shop for a detailed wash and professional polish job.

Our classic restorations leave the shop looking brand new and perfectly clean. But after driving around and taking it to car shows this summer, it could use some TLC to bring it back to that sparkling, just painted look.

Auto restorations are a big investment into the life of a classic car, so it’s important to maintain not only the engine, but the body and the paint job as well. Show car detailing helps to maintain the perfect shine and gloss on the paint.

We’ve experimented with several different waxes and polishes, but found a system that works wonders. We use a 3M Trizact system, which layers a few different stages of wax and polishes to get the deepest, most vibrant shine possible. It’ll also keep the body protected from surface contamination and in overall good condition.

Tim takes a lot of pride in the work his does, and wants to keep his restorations looking as good as new. If you need full buff and polish work on your classic, or would like to get your car in for a restoration, contact TD Customs today for a free estimate.


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