Custom painted handrails

custom painted handrails on asheville home
More and more, we are getting requests to custom paint something totally outside of the auto body box. And we love it! It’s fun to work with something else every once in awhile, like a desk or a kegerator, for example. (Yep, we’ve done both!)

Lately we’ve been doing a few jobs a month for a local construction company, sanding down and painting steel handrails and staircase railings. They are made of heavy steel and come to us as rough pieces. The home owners are looking for a modern sanded down steel look with the classic swirls and markings.

When customers want that raw steel look, we need to sand the pieces and spray a clear coat that will let the original steel shine through, while other times, the rails are to be painted a deep gray or even a flat black coat.

hand custom painted staircase rails
The rails in these pictures were painted a custom dark gray to offset the braided stainless steel cables.

asheville custom painted handrails
This week, we had the opportunity to get out of the shop and into a house call for some touch ups to some custom painted handrails we did.

The paint machine we use is run by electric power, so we don’t need a compressor to run it, allowing us to do on site jobs while other auto body shops cannot. After these monstrously heavy rails were hoisted onto the deck of the house (not by us), there were some scuffs, so we were happy to go to the house and touch up the paint job. The house was just recently built and has an awesome view of Asheville.

asheville custom painted railings
We touched up the top rail all the way around the deck, and everyone was happy. Usually we don’t get to see the completely finished product of these rails and how they end up looking in the house. So, while we were there, we were happy to also get to see the custom painted interior staircase rails that we had done, and they look great as well.

custom painted steel staircase rails
I’m sure we’ll continue to do more interior and exterior home fixtures in the future, and we say bring em on!

TD Customs definitely specializes in auto body repairs, but Tim is happy to branch out and paint almost anything else a customer wants. It’s fun to see what our customers bring in and want to get painted. Do you have anything different you need painted? Call Tim to receive a free estimate on any ole paint job you have.

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