Mazda Pickup Truck Restoration Almost Finished

truck restoration paintThe latest restoration at TD Customs has been the 1972 Mazda pickup truck restoration. It’s needed full body work on most of the exterior, and interior and exterior paint.

This week has mostly been devoted to working on the truck, including finishing up any body work that needs to get done, sanding it smooth, and then painting it and sanding it once again. There’s a lot of sanding that goes on with these jobs! That’s what it takes to make sure the body is sleek and smooth, and can win car shows with its flawlessness. No waves here. The paint is a lighter than the picture shows, and it looks great outside.

working on the truck restoration

We’ve been trying to post more restoration updates as they get completed to give you an idea of the auto body repair process and what we are working on.

After one last buff and polish, the truck will be ready to go this week. The customer is going to put the parts together himself, so once every inch of the body looks perfect, we’ll be good to go.

For more information on truck restorations, see our Restoration Services page and a Photo Gallery of our work. When you’re ready to get your job started, contact us for an estimate!

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