Front End Collision Repair

While we are best known for our full paint jobs and classic restorations, we also stay busy with collision repair work. These jobs are typically in and out in just a few days. Some include repairing dents and other small areas that were damaged in the accident. Others require replacing the damaged areas with new parts and doing the body work to get it straight again.

In the case of this 2011 GMC Sierra pickup truck, the front end was badly crushed and caved in. We needed to replace quite a few parts, including the hood, fender, front bumper, headlights, grille, radiator, etc.

Asheville front end collision repair shop

Collision Repair: Before

We order the new parts we need, get them assembled on the truck, and make sure everything lines up just right. Once all the body parts look how they should, we paint them to match the rest of the vehicle. Depending on the condition of the current paint, this may involve blending the paint to match. This is how we account for any sun fading it may have.

auto body shop fender bender

Almost ready for paint

Obviously the goal with any auto body repair is to make it look as though an accident had never happened. With this front end collision repair, we also needed to replace the tire and do a front end alignment. Because of safety systems in these newer model vehicles, once the seatbelts have locked from a high impact collision, they won’t go back. Therefore, we replaced both seat belt retractors and reset the safety system.

After the necessary body work and paint, the truck looks great. It’s back to its old pristine-looking self again.

Collision repair Asheville auto body

As if no damage had ever been done!

TD Customs is happy to help with all collision repair jobs. We accept auto insurance, and will work with your provider to make sure everything runs smoothly. Collision repairs generally have fast turnaround times. We aim to get you back on the road as soon as possible.

Feel free to stop by the shop for a free estimate, or contact us to discuss.

See our Collision Repair page for more information.

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