Getting ready for summer car shows!

Summer car shows are coming up and TD Customs is getting ready to show off the El Camino and matching motorcycle! The El Camino was in a couple car shows last year with the black/ red ghost flame paint job, and got some great attention. Everyone loved the ghost flames and how you really couldn’t see them until you walked right up to the car. Then you see just a subtle touch of red ghosted out flames on the hood. This year, we’ve restored the El Camino, changing up the paint job and putting a kick ass performance motor in it. We are excited to bring it out and show off the brand new paint! Here is what the ELCO and the motorcycle look like BEFORE the new custom paint jobs…

auto restorations custom motorcycle paint

So much work goes into making show cars completely flawless. Each car is personal to the owner, and represents a piece of them. There are lots of different styles represented at the shows. You see everything from factory-original classics to amazing custom paint jobs to crazy fabricated parts on a rat rod.

Tim has restored many cars and trucks to show-quality status, many of which we end up seeing at our local car shows in Asheville and Hendersonville. It’s always nice when we see our customers and the cars we worked on at these car shows. We also like to overhear other people compliment the perfect paint job and beautiful body lines when they walk by. I mean, how could you not when they turn like these…

TD Customs Asheville car show-quality paint jobs

Show-Quality Classic Restorations

We’ve been so busy in the shop with restorations, motorcycle paint jobs and collision repairs that it’s been hard to set aside time to devote to our own projects. We definitely prioritize our customers and the jobs we have lined up before getting to our own, but we took a week to get the ELCO ready for a summer of car shows. We’re back on customer jobs now, and finishing up the little touches to finish up the El Camino.

On a side note: We are so busy!! We are seeking an experienced auto body tech to join our team. If you or someone you know is interested, please call us to discuss!

The TD Customs El Camino is in the home stretch. We are still getting the motor set up and finishing the last little touches before the reveal. It won’t be long before it’s all done!

We’ve got a calendar full of car shows for this summer. We plan on being at a lot of the Music on Main St car shows that downtown Hendersonville has every other Friday, as well as a few others. We’ll be at the Asheville Outlets for the Ride for Kids Bike Show on June 18th, and the big, annual Mountaineer Antique Car Show at the WNC Ag Center July 2-3, with both the ELCO and the motorcycle.

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