Lots of rust to repair on this one!

The rust repair work on the Isuzu Trooper was a bit of a challenge because of how much rust there was. While other Asheville auto body shops may turn down larger rust repair jobs like this, we are happy to repair troublesome rust. There was a lot of metal work done on this one in the last couple weeks.

Here are the Before shots of the Trooper’s rust. You can see the rocker panels on both sides needed new metal. The rear quarter panels needed patching as well.

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Rust spreads very easily. As you can see from the pictures, we took off the old corroded metal and got rid of all the existing rust.

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It is definitely a messy job repairing rust, but once we’ve got it all out, we can begin patching in new metal. The picture below shows the new rocker panel on the passenger all welded in.

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Once all the rust is gone and the new metal has been patched in, we do body work over the metal. The body work is what contours the shape and makes the body very straight and smooth.

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On the Trooper, we were repairing the rust and repainting only the lower half of the body. We masked off everything not getting painted, pulled it in the booth, and it got a new coat of fresh gold paint.

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The rust is now gone and those rocker panels and quarter panels look brand new again. This rust repair job took a couple weeks from start to finish. We encourage anyone with rust issues to get it repaired as early on as you can. The longer it gets put off, the more rust there is to repair. Let an experienced auto body shop make the repairs needed to get it

TD Customs is an auto body shop located in Mill River, just down the road from the Asheville Airport. We  offer all auto body and paint services, including rust repair, collision repairs and automotive restorations. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for your vehicle.

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