Paint & Body on a Classic ’71 Camaro

A 1971 Chevy Camaro was just in for a restoration and paint job. When it came in, it was white and needed some attention. There was some rust, as well as body damage that needed to be corrected. Here is what the Camaro looked like Before…

auto body paint shop Camaro Before

Camaro Before Paint & Body

Taking care of the rust and body damage takes up a good portion of the restoration process. The length of time and amount of work needed depends on the condition. Some imperfections are easier to correct than others.

auto body repair shop classic restorations

Erick sanding on the Camaro

When the body work is all done, we prime the car and get it prepped for paint. The first thing we always paint is the inner panels and door jambs. We paint these pieces off the car, and then put them back on. These are the parts that need paint just as much, but are only seen when you open the doors, trunk, etc.

automotive paint shop

Door jambs painted first

The inner door jambs are also painted so there is obviously a cohesive look to the entire vehicle. In the following picture, you can see the door jambs and the inners of the fenders behind the car.

automotive paint job WNC body shop

Reassembling all the parts back on the car comes next. In this picture, you can see the inner side of the trunk lid, the hinges and the trunk jambs have all been painted.

paint inner jambs auto body

Reassembling the parts back on the car is another significant step in the restoration/ paint job process.

auto body repair shop arden

Lshon and Erick on reassembly

We make sure everything is lined up right and that the spacing is perfect between the panels. If it isn’t, we can adjust hinges to correct it.

auto body shop Mills River

After that, we are ready for the exterior paint job. Everything that is not getting painted, like the glass, wheels, front grill, etc., gets taped off. Here’s what the Camaro looked like right after fresh paint…

paint job Classic car

Booth pic right after paint job

The color is called Orbit Orange, and typically seen only on a 1970 GTO Judge. The owner knew he wanted this exact color when he came in. It’s a bit orange, a bit yellow. We also painted the wheels to match.

custom painted wheels shop Hendersonville NC

Custom painted wheels to match exterior

After TD Customs Restoration & Paint…

The ’71 Camaro turned out great. The body lines are smooth and straight. You can look down the sides and see straight panels without any body flaws.

Classic car restoration paint job

’71 Camaro – After Paint & Body

It’s definitely an eye-catching color on a beautiful classic car. The color on this car is a great example of how you can customize your vehicle exactly how you want it. We can get nearly any paint color, and paint it on any vehicle. It’s the same process. So, if you’re going custom rather than factory original, make sure you find the color that you’ll love.

classic car paint body shop

Perfectly smooth body lines & flawless paint job

This Camaro was a great project to work on. The owner was very excited to see his vision come to life. Now he’s ready to hit the summer car shows or just cruise around town in style!

He was also nice enough to send us some pictures of the classic car after he had finished putting on the final touches. He added the grill, the chrome pieces, the wheels we painted, a decal on the side, etc.

classic camaro paint job Hendersonville NC

Owner’s After photo

AND, we also ran into the owner and the classic at Hendersonville’s first Music on Main St Car Show. It was looking great there too, and had lots of people talking!

TD Customs classic car paint job Hendersonville Music on Main

TD Customs specializes in classic restorations and full paint jobs. If you’ve got a car you’ve been wanting to restore, give Tim a call to discuss. We’ll typically need to see the car in person to give an accurate estimate, but he’d love to speak with you about it and answer any questions you have.

Be sure to check out the Photo Galleries to see pictures of our past finished work. To read what others have had to say about us, see our Testimonial page.

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