Two Tone SUV Paint Job

You don’t see two toned SUV paint jobs everywhere. That’s why they’re so cool. They look custom, while still looking classy and fairly simple.

two toned paint job SUV Asheville

This SUV is an older model Chevy Trailblazer. It was originally all blue, and nothing out of the ordinary. For this two tone SUV paint job, we kept the blue on the bottom and painted the top silver.

Painting just the top or bottom part of a vehicle is a good way to change up the look of your vehicle on a budget. Keeping one color the same lets us not have to paint the inners & door jambs. This means a lot less work on our part because we aren’t taking the doors, hood and trunk lid off the vehicle.

With a full paint job, we disassemble everything before painting the exterior. Then, we’ll paint the inner sides of the trunk and hood and the jambs of the doors. Once that’s dry, we put it back together and paint the entire exterior. Just painting one part of the vehicle saves us quite a lot of steps in the paint process. Less work also means less money, so it’s a good option if you’re on a budget but still want a change.

Most of the time, the design will depend on the body lines on your SUV, car or trunk. In the case of this Trailblazer, the body line went straight from the back to the front, where it curved slightly down to the headlight. Of course, we can paint anything anywhere on a vehicle, but often, working with the existing lines looks better.

two toned paint job SUV

This two tone SUV paint job took us about a day to do. We sanded down the top, masked off where the new color was going to be, and painted it. Then there was our typical finish work, wet sanding and polishing it. Not having to be without your vehicle for too long also makes this a great option for a quick change.

It’s not your average SUV anymore!

Contact us if we can help with your next paint job. Check out our Photo Gallery for pictures of some of our previous work or just to get a little inspiration.

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