Progress Update on the 1967 Mustang

hendersonville towing Top Notch

The latest classic restoration project in the shop is a 1967 Ford Mustang with some metal and body work already done.

As you can see from the photo above, it was brought in by Top Notch Towing, our preferred towing company. Many of our older restorations come in on flatbeds since often, customers will get the body work and paint portion of the car done first, and any motor work later.

classic automotive restoration 67 Mustang

The roof and the trunk lid have taken a lot of body work. The owner knows this car sat in a field for awhile, and suspects that some kids walked on top of it. Now it’s up to our experienced body men to get the waves out and contour it until it is nice and smooth. There’s been a lot of sanding…

The body work stage with all the sanding and sculpting is what it takes to make sure the paint will lay out nice and smooth when it’s all done!

Arden auto body shop

After a lot of body work, Tim sprayed the first layer of primer, sanded some more, and then primed again. It’s all a part of the process in getting the exterior body of the car completely straight and smooth. Right now it is out of the body work stage and into the paint booth. So far, we’ve painted the inside panels and the door jambs throughout. Check out that color!

Hendersonville paint body shop Mustang paint color

There will be some custom grey/silver custom paint touches that we’ll show later, and then of course, the exterior paint! This paint job isn’t taking too long to get done, so look for the follow up blog coming soon. Also, be sure to Like us on Facebook to keep up with the latest updates and pictures!

For more information on our restorations, check out the Auto Restorations page and take a look at our Photo Gallery.

If we can help with your next auto body or paint project, feel free to contact us!

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