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Body repairs on cars involves a lot of prep work!

TD Customs does a lot of body repairs on cars that have just gotten into little fender bender accidents and need minor collision repair. There is a lot work involved in these jobs. Luckily, we have it down to a science at this point. Tim has years of auto body and paint experience. He will completely repair any body damage so that you'd never be able to tell there was an accident in the first place. Sometimes people are surprised by how much is involved in doing even minor body repairs on cars. There are a lot of steps involved, including the much needed prep work. When you watch the car remodel shows on TV, like Overhaulin' or Fast N Loud, ...

Custom painted wheels: A subtle, yet significant upgrade

Custom painted wheels can really add a unique, yet simple look to your car. These wheels were painted silver, with small touches of black on the inside edges and a thin black line around the side. These wheels look classy with the silver base and small touches of black, and there are tons of possibilities for other color schemes. They can be painted to match the car, to contrast the majority color, or as a compliment to a two-toned car. Custom painted wheels are a subtle upgrade to the look of the car that make it stand out from all the other wheels and rims out there. Tim recently added a red pinstripe to his black El Camino wheels. It ...

Minor touch ups keep the classics looking new

The '61 Pontiac Bonnaville is back in the shop for a touch up on some old body work. This is a big car - 22 feet long! That's bigger than Tim's old party boat, he says. When we started in this business, the goal was to have a great client-base of people that loved our auto body work so much that they returned for all their paint jobs and collision repairs. We are starting to see a lot of customers come back for more touch ups and repairs, and to get work on their other vehicles done as well. Repeat customers are a sign we're doing something right, and we are proud to say we have many! If you'd like to be one of them, contact us today!